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GDPR - You will need to 'Opt-in' to continue receiving updates from us...

New data protection laws mean that some Indulgence Events Customers will need to ‘opt-in’ before Friday, May 25th in order to continue receiving news and updates from us.

The new data protection laws will also require us to provide you with the ability to opt-out every time we make any form of direct marketing communications to you.

Below are a number of questions and answers that explain how fans can ‘opt-in’ and why it is important to do so…

To opt-in, please call us on 0871 474 3032 or email: info@indulgence-events.com

What does ‘opt-in’ mean?
‘Opt-in’ means you are consenting to Indulgence Events contacting you with any updates, news, special offers or upcoming events.

Why am I having to opt in now?
As of Friday, May 25th, new data protection laws mean that tIndulgence Events require the consent of supporterscustomers in order to contact them. Without opting in before 11:59pm on Thursday, May 24th, customers will no longer receive any notifications or updates from us.

How do I opt in?
To opt-in, please sign up to the Newsletter by emailing us at: info@indulgence-events.com.

Who doesn’t need to opt in to keep receiving updates?
If they wish to be, then everyone would need to opt-in. Anyone who was an existing subscriber to the Indulgence Events newsletter would still need to opt-in to continue to receive updates, as would anyone who wasn’t an existing subscriber.

Why should I opt in?
Customers should opt-in to ensure that they can keep up to up to date with all of the latest news and offers at Indulgence Events. Any important information or special offers will be shared with customers who have opted in via email or other means, such as post. Customers who do not opt-in will not be contacted with any updates.

When do I need to opt in by?
Data protection laws will change at 00:00 on Friday, May 25th, so all customers who wish to opt in will need to do so before this time. Although this does not necessarily mean you can’t opt-in again at a later date.

What happens if I do nothing before the deadline?
Customers who have not engaged directly with us in the last 12 months will be automatically opted-out if they do not opt-in before the deadline.
Customers who are opted-out will no longer be contacted by us Indulgence Events) with updates or offers.

What if I don’t want to opt in?
Then don’t do anything, you have nothing to worry about!

What does ‘my data’ mean?
The term ‘my data’ refers to all of the information that Indulgence Events stores on its database about individual customers. Indulgence Events  like to collect the following data: name, postal address, phone number, email address and date of birth. This data is your personal information and you have the right to request that we remove this, should you wish.

Will my data be safe if I opt in?
Should Indulgence customers decide to opt-in, their data will be perfectly safe. Customers will only receive updates based on what they have agreed to with tus and data will not be used for any other purposes.
As part of our ongoing commitment to data transparency and protection, Indulgence Events have updated its Privacy Policy and have included changes in support of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
SAT 19TH OCT 2019

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